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Otls Vex/Vops
3rd November 2013

Updated the source code to work on H13 for
PGMVC deformer.
23rd May 2011

Updated the source code to work on H11 for 
PolyCreaseRBFmorpherSBC deformerUV UniformWrap deformer

2nd September 2010

Added H10 version of the microbevel Vop to the Vex/Vops page.

23rd January 2010

Updated all HDK code to work on H10, and compiled 32bit versions for Windows.

12th July 2009

Changed PMVC deformer to PGMVC deformer.

10th April 2009

Added PMVC deformer

28th March 2009

Updated the code for SBC deformer so it will compile on the Mac.

15th March 2009

Updated the rest of the HDK sops to H9.5 except UVuniform which is throwing an error.

11th March 2009

Updated Measure distortion to H9.5

8th March 2009

Started updating HDK sops to H9.5....

RBF morpher

SBC deformer

Edge depth attribute

Wrap deformer

8th March 2009

Updated occlusion light shader otl to add bend light capabilities.

8th March 2009

Added bend light shader otl.

26th June 2008

Added occlusion light shader otl.

10th May 2008

Updated UnwrapLSCM to work with H9. Fixed the multi-parameters that were previously still in H8 format.

30th April 2008

Updated Wrap deformer with some bug fixes, also added support for radius override attribute on the driver surface. Updated the help and added it to the source code package which I had forgotten to do.

27th April 2008

Added Volume measure sop otl.

27th April 2008

Fixed Driven obj to work in H9.

Updated download pages to add vc7 build info to H9 downloads. Vc8 and 64-bit builds for windows coming soon.

9th April 2008

Updated multi-parameters in Parents sop and PartitionByCol sop to use the H9 syntax.

4th April 2008

Replaced the source code for Pointslide sop as it was the wrong version.

30th March 2008

Made more improvements to th
e Wrap deformer, wrap prep now adds the orient attribute.

29th March 2008

Made a number of improvements to the Wrap deformer, it now supports the orient attribute which should make it quicker and means the Wrap prep sop is not required. Also updated the example deformer file to show this new method and fixed the partition example to work with H9.

8th March 2008

Added duplicate point testing to  RBFmorpher, duplicate feature points cause the sop to fail.
1st March 2008

Fix bug with SBCdeformer that would cause it to fail if the number of points on input 1 changed.

1st March 2008

Reversed the order of the recent changes list. Latest stuff is now at the top.....

28th February 2008

Fixed a bug with new cacheing option of  RBFmorpher  where changing the kernel type was not correctly cached.

27th February 2008

Fixed pre-convex option of SBC_Capture.

24th February 2008

Uploaded compiled 9.1 versions of all hdk code.

23rd February 2008

Improved the accuracy of  RBFmorpher  for large meshes.

20th February 2008

Added a new RBFmorpher for H9.1 including cache option and extra kernals.

4th December 2007

Uploaded 3 new otls Carve proximity, Multi carve and Prim sort

17th November 2007

Several improvements made to Tri2Quad. Some parameters have been renamed so this may not work in old hip files.

Posted modified source for all sops that needed code updates to work with H9.

Added GroupEdges sop.

11th November 2007

Added an output group to UVunwrapLSCM - this stores the group of polys that are between the seams as indicated by the hint prim.
Fixed a bug with the amplify parameter on UVuniform and made the first changes to support groups. Also changed some defaults to numbers more likely to work every time. Finally added the ability to view the smoothing grid in uv space.

10th November 2007

Added seam colouring to UVunwrapLSCM - this lets you more easily visualise in uv space which seams match together in 3d. Handy for painting textures if you don't have a 3d paint package.

4th November 2007

Added support for seams defined by an attribute UVunwrapLSCM

1st Novemeber 2007

Upped the solver limit for UVunwrapLSCM - should improve the solution in tricky cases

28th October 2007

Added group support to UVunwrapLSCM
Added UVunwrapLSCM tutorial movie
Added an update with some bug fixes

27th October 2007

Added seam splitting to UVunwrapLSCM

18th October 2007

Added colour coding to UVunwrapLSCM
Also fixed most of the Linux compile errors.
Added pin parameter initialisation

17th October 2007

Added page for UVunwrapLSCM - work in progress

27th August 2007

Modified UV Uniform source code due to issues compiling on linux

22nd July 2007

Added Depth of field simple Cop to vex page.

27th June 2007

Added local variable mappings to edgedepthatt sop

21st June 2007

Added micro bevel vop to vex page.
Added attribute dilate to vex page.

16th June 2007

More fixes and tweaks to wrap deform sop.

13th June 2007

wrap deform sop - fixed and documented in the help 2 previously hidden features, partitioning and weight overriding.

Added SSSfake to otls page. This is first draft, help and examples need updating.

29th May 2007

Fixed an error in the wrap deform sop where it would wrongly tell you the geometry wasn't captured if a varmap existed on the input geometry.
Also added an extra check to unsure rest and deforming capture geometry have the same number of points.
Fixed the missing geometry in the example hip file.

Added some simply error trapping to measure distortion sop
Added variable mapping for the local variables.

28th May 2007

Added measure distortion sop to hdk page.

26th May 2007

Modified selector script for highlight so you can now pick the camera in the viewport.

21st May 2007

Added oriented bounding prim to vex page.

19th May 2007

Added melt sop to otls page.

17th May 2007

Added high light obj to otls page.

14th May 2007

Added place sop to otl page.
Added skinELM sop to otl page.
Added smoothPoints to otl page.

12th May 2007

Added snapto sop to vex page.
Added orient sop to vex page.

6th May 2007

Added occlusion sop to vex page.

5th May 2007

Added oncookscript sop to otl page.
Added cuspattribute sop to otl page.

1st May 2007

Added tri2quad to hdk page.

30th April 2007

Added varmap sop to otl page.
Added bend sop to vex page.
Added flatten sop to vex page.
Added fontviewer to otl page.

29th April 2007

Started the upload process for Otl and Vex operator pages.
Added clipbypoly sop to otl page.
Added attributeblur sop to vex page.

22nd April 2007

Uploaded Linux Fedora 6 builds of SBCdeformer, RBFmorpher, PolyCrease and PolyCuspBevel

21th April 2007

Added this page.
Updated UVuniform source code due to compile errors on Linux.
SBCdeformer source code due to compile errors on Linux.
Updated RBFmorpher help file
with added usage notes and added warning message to source for when solver fails.
Uploaded a new version of pointslide with loads of added features. (soft falloff, split points, reverse direction, iterations)
1st March 2008

Reversed the order of the recent changes list. Latest stuff is now at the top.....