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Otls Vex/Vops
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Poly Crease
Procedural version of the polysplit sop.  Poly crease takes a set of curves as a second input that define where the splits should be made.  It also allows for easy patitioning of cut pieces when the curves are closed.


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Compiled code - includes help & icons
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Build Linux Windows

Houdini 8.1.866 cross gif tick gif
Houdini 8.2.13
Houdini 8.2.13 Fedora 6
vc7 - 32bit Houdini 9.1.124
vc8 - 32bit Houdini 9.5.379
Installation instructions:
Download, unzip and copy the folders to your Houdini home directory.  To check the location of your Houdini home directory type `echo $HOME` in a Houdini textport.