RBFmorpher SOP


This sop is a deformer that uses two inputs like the lattice sop in point mode (only better). RBF stands for Radial Basis Function, the function is what determines how the weights for the capture of the geometry are determined. It is somewhat more sophisticated than just a falloff radius that the lattice sop uses.  


The geometry you wish to deform goes in the first input and a set of "feature" points go in the second input. Then a deformed version of the feature points go in the third input.
Feature points can basically be anything - the connectivity of the points is ignored - generally features points would be points near important  things in the model that you want  to have good control of during the deformation.


RBF Kernel Changes the way the weights for each feature point falloff with distance. Try them out and see the difference to determine which one works best in any given situation.
Power Used in conjunction with the power kernel.  The fallof is the distance raised to this power. The default of 0.5 is the same as the square root kernel.
Cache mode One of the following...
none Calculate the solution and apply the deformation to input 1.
read Read the solution from the geometry in input 2 and apply to input 1. Requires the same target points in input 3 as were used in the original solve when the cache was made.
write Write the solution to the geometry in input 1. For this to work the feature points need to be wired into input 1 and 2 and the target points in input 3.

The morph will fail in the following situations.