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Otls Vex/Vops
Q:      Will you be updating all the otls and vex code to work in H9 and above?

A:      I may, but I won't make any promises.... many should continue to work, and as with hdk stuff I will respond to individual requests.
Q:      I tried playing one of your movies and it crashed my browser.

A:      Make sure you have QT7 installed for your browser.
Q:      Where are these movies you talk about?

A:      On their way, be patient.
Q:      I installed one of your HDK tools and Houdini crashes every time I try and use it.

A:      Make sure you have downloaded the compiled version that matches your version of Houdini or find the version that is closest to your current build but not newer.  If you are on Linux recompile the code. If the problem persists please contact me as it probably indicates the wrong version was uploaded to the site.
Q:      When I echo the $HOME directory in a Houdini textport I can't read the path it returns.

A:       The path returned is the dos short path with each part shorten to 8 letters it will still take you to the right place though.  Highlight the returned path in the texport and copy it, then go to the windows start menu and select run, paste the copied path into it and then hit ok.  It should open a browser window at the correct full windows path.
Q:      I tried compiling the code for Linux but I got errors. What's up with that?
A:       Unfortunately I haven't been able to try compiling these for Linux yet.  As people try it and find errors I will attempt to fix them.  Please email me compile errors and I will take a look and post any fixes.
Q:      Why no RSS feed? I don't want more junk email.
A:       Unfortunately this is a free website on a free service and therefore sadly it doesn't support the required scripts needed to run RSS.  If you want to keep up to date with changes then just bookmark the recent changes page which is linked to on the home page, or email me and I will send you alerts when anything major happens.
Q:      Even though you say you have made changes the site doesn't seem any different.
A:       Unfortunately the masking for the site that displays HoudiniTools.com as the url is done as a frame - again due to the free nature of the site - this means that some browsers don't see the changes, to get the site to update you may need to clear your temporary internet pages and/or cookies.
Q:      When you update an hdk sop do you update all versions?
A:       Unfortunately no that would involve too much work, all updates are made in the latest versions only.
3rd May 2007