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Otls Vex/Vops
HDK tools - Houdini development kit tools - these tools are compiled here for various windows builds along with the source code for users to compile themselves for Linux or alternative Windows versions of Houdini. For more information on the HDK and compiling for Houdini see odWiki>>>

General installation information for these tools can be found here>>>

Note: unfortunately any Linux builds may not be as up to date as the windows ones, so if you can it is best to compile from the source. This is because at present I have to rely on people kindly donating Linux builds.
rbf morpher thumb
RBF Morpher Sop
A powerful feature based deformer that uses a radial basis function to calculate the weights of the input geometry relative to a set of feature points. A deformed set of feature points then let you morph the geometry into the target shape.
PMVC deformer thumb
PGMVC Capture & Deform Sops
Positive General Mean Value Coordinate capture deform system. Define a polygonal capture volume and this set of sops will then use it to define a coordinate system that can be used to capture and deform any geometry inside the volume. This method is very close to Harmonic coordinates, the coordinates are always positive making them suitable for character animation. The calculation of the coordinates is more accurate than harmonic.
sbc deformer thumb SBC Capture, Deform & Transfer Sops
Spherical barycentric coordinate capture deform system. Define a polygonal capture volume and this set of sops will then use it to define a coordinate system that can be used to capture and deform any geometry inside the volume.
uniform head thumb UV Uniform Sop
Automatically edit uv coordinates so that the coordinates are uniformly distributed. Attempts to automatically remove pinching and stretching caused by processes like uvpelting.
poly crease thumb gif Poly Crease Sop
Procedural version of the polysplit sop.  Poly crease takes a set of curves as a second input that define where the splits should be made.  It also allows for easy patitioning of cut pieces when the curves are closed.
wrap deformer thumb Wrap Capture & Deform Sops
Capture and deform one surface with another. A simple deformation system that uses the weighted positions of a set of polys to influence the position of another piece of geometry.
flex full body thumb Flex Deformer System Complete asset based
Complete asset based solution for linking object animation to geometry to create a deforming surface.

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partition by col thumb Partition by Colour Sop
Create named groups from primitive colours. Automatically detects existing colours and sorts them, the user can then change the default group names to something more useful.
point slide thumb gif Point Slide Sop
Simple utility sop where the user supplies a set of edges and directions and one parameter lets you slide the root point of each edge parametrically along its parent edge in the direction of the second point defining the edge. Now with added local variable support for edge and point numbers.
poly cusp bevel thumb gif Poly Cusp Bevel Sop
Procedural version of the polybevel sop.  By specifying a cusp angle the input can be automatically bevelled where the angle between polygon edges is greater than the threshold.
Driven thumb gif Driven Obj
Object utility node allowing for the motion of one node to be `driven` by the animation of another channel.  Key positions are stored in the driven node and indexed into by the specified reference channel, expression or manually keyed animation channel.
parents thumb gif Parents Sop
Parent points and primitives at sop level to objects at object level. Multiple parents and element types can be defined all in one sop.
edge depth att thumb gif Edge Depth Attribute Sop
Simple utility sop for adding a falloff attribute to a mesh based on edge count or distance along edges calculated from a source group.  Not a true 100% accurate edge length calculation but useful in situations where an approximation will do.
tri 2 quad thumb gif Tri To Quad Sop
An experimental sop for converting triangulated meshes into quad meshes.  A simple algorithm that just removes edges between pairs of triangles falling within certain constraints.  Not a perfect solution but works well in some cases.
measure distortion thumb gif Measure Distortion Sop
A sop for analysing the distortion introduced by geometry deformation sops.  The attributes it creates can then be used to add procedural smoothing to the geometry.  This is very useful for correcting sharp corners created in character defomation.
UV unwrap LSCM thumb gif UV unwrap LSCM Sop
A sop for creating uv texture coordinates. Similar to UV Pelt but using a completely different technique.  This method is used by Blender and RoadKill amongst others.

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group edges thumb gif Group Edges Sop
Simple utility sop that will convert point groups into an edge group string that can be referenced anywhere you need to use an edge group.  This therefore allows you to effectively create procedural edge groups which are otherwise unsupported.