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Otls Vex/Vops
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Measure Distortion Sop
A sop for analysing the distortion introduced by geometry deformation sops.  The attributes it creates can then be used to add procedural smoothing to the geometry.  This is very useful for correcting sharp corners created in character defomation.

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Build Linux Windows

Houdini 8.2.13
vc7 - 32 bit Houdini 9.1.124
vc8 - 32 bit Houdini 9.5.379
vc8 - 32 bit Houdini 10.0.528
Installation instructions:
Download, unzip and copy the folders to your Houdini home directory.  To check the location of your Houdini home directory type `echo $HOME` in a Houdini textport.