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Otls Vex/Vops
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PGMVC deformer - (formally PMVC)
Positive General Mean Value Coordinate capture deform system. Define a polygonal capture volume and this set of sops will then use it to define a coordinate system that can be used to capture and deform any geometry inside the volume. This method is very close to Harmonic coordinates, the coordinates are always positive making them suitable for character animation. The calculation of the coordinates is more accurate than the discrete harmonic coordinates used by Pixar.

This deformer is made with a mixture of VEX and Python nodes so no re-compiling is necessary just install the otl. The two nodes that do all the work are PGMVC capt and  PGMVC deform, the other nodes in the otl are utility nodes that are used within the capture subnet.

The capture process can be quite slow so be prepared for long cook times. The deformer however is real-time subject to the number of points in the capture mesh and deforming geometry. See the example file for a typical usage.

Improvements over PMVC
This method has now been fully implemented in Vex and the speed improvement in the capture process is conciderable especially with multiple processors.
The "generalisation" of the coordinate system now means that the capture mesh won't be triangulated before capturing, this leads to even smoother deformations.

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pmvcthumb H9.5, H10
Otl package
Otl package

- includes example file
       (help is embedded in the main nodes.)


PGMVC capture
PGMVC deformer