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Otls Vex/Vops
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Point Slide
Simple utility sop where the user supplies a set of edges and directions and one parameter lets you slide the root point of each edge parametrically along its parent edge in the direction of the second point defining the edge.  Now with added local variable support for edge and point numbers.

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Houdini 8.1.866 cross gif tick gif
Houdini 8.2.13
vc7 - 32bit Houdini 9.1.124
vc8 - 32bit Houdini 9.5.379
vc8 - 32bit Houdini 10.0.528
Installation instructions:
Download, unzip and copy the folders to your Houdini home directory.  To check the location of your Houdini home directory type `echo $HOME` in a Houdini textport.