Poly Crease SOP


Procedural version of the polysplit sop.  This sop takes a set of curves as a second input that define where the splits should be made.  It also allows for easy patitioning of cut pieces when the curves are closed. Most of the functionality is the same as the polysplit sop, refer to the polysplit sop help for a good general description of what this sop does.


Input 1 is the polygonal geometry to be split, input 2 is one or more curves. The points on the curves should be snapped to points or edges in the geometry of input 1.


Embed creases This option allows you to delay actually making the creases (or "splits"). By default it is off.  This option respects the current layer as defined by the layer sop.
No embedding Go right ahead and do the creasing of the input.
Extract and destroy Look for attributes that detail where the creases should be made, make the appropriate splits and delete the attributes.
Create with override Create the correct attributes to describe where the creases should be but don't actually do them.
Path type Specifies the algorithm used to find the desired path. Please see above for a description of the algorithms.
Shortest path The 'Shortest Distance' algorithm tries to find the shortest path through connecting polygons.
Quad strips The 'Quad Strips' algorithm finds a path through quads, and moves from one quad to the next by crossing opposite edges. Unlike 'Shortest Distance', 'Quad Strips' will not attempt a cut unless a complete path can be found.
Override bias Specifies an overriding value for cut locations made along edges, even for those where the midpoint is used by default.
Bias The actual bias value.
Override angle This option hasn't been implimented yet.
Angle This option hasn't been implimented yet.
Update point normals Update point normals if they exist.
Close paths Causes an extra cut to be made from the last split location to the first.
Side rails Add splits above and below the defining crease path.
Dist type How the top and bot rail offset values are interpreted.
Actual Distance is specified in object coordinates.
Parametric Distance is a percentage along the split edge. 1 being the total length of the edge.
Snap siderails to end points If siderails are on this toggle determines how they are terminated. Turning it on means the siderails end in a single point rather than just stopping.
Top rail offset The distance from the defining crease for the additional top rail.
Bot rail offset The distance from the defining crease for the additional bottom rail.
Tolerence Tolerance used when performing finding the edges to be split.
Output groups Add output groups, 2 types are available the default which is always available is to output all the points on the crease.
Partition groups For closed curves you can partition the geometry into points inside the crease and points outside.
Hint point A point that determines which points are in group A.
A group Points on the same side of the crease as the hint point.
Group name Group name for points on the crease.
B group Points not in group A or on the crease.
Attribute Prefix When embedding creases this prefix will be added to the stored attribute so you can store several sets.