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Otls Vex/Vops
Tools in currently in development
  • Smooth Edges sop - a tool with extra smoothing algorithm as alternatives to the current smooth sop, optionally taking a second input of deforming geometry, the smoothing would then happen in areas of maximum distortion in the second input. 
  • IK/FK Curve sop - an experiementally sop for modelling long hair.
  • Texture Unwrapper - LSCM texture unwrapping sop - UVunwrapLSCM sop
  • Texture Tiler cop - a cop for automatically creating tileable textures from sample input.
  • Toon render system - shaders, cops and robbers for doing really nice toon ink renders, variable line width and weight all the tools to control where the lines are made, plus shaders for the cell elements.
  • Remesher sop - a sop for cleaning scan data and making "nice" triangulated meshes from nasty ones.
Changes needed for existing tools
  • Poly Cusp Bevel sop - rewrite to use GQ structure to improve efficiency. 
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