Partition by Col SOP


This sop automatically creates groups from primitive colours. Unlike the default Partition SOP you can manually edit the group names that are created.


Pressing the Initialise button will create a group for every unique primitive colour in the input. A default name group`#n` will be assigned and the primitive colour displayed next to it. You can then manually edit the group names to be something more descriptive. Each group can be optionally disabled or isolated.
Layers created with the Layer SOP are also supported so you can create multiple sets of groups for the same object.


Initialise Searches for primitive colours and creates a group for each unique colour found.
Sort Sorts the colours by HSV, if you manually set the colours you can use this to arrange them in order.
Number of groups The number of groups to make.
Enable grouping Enable or disable the construction of a group.
Hide other groups Make all other group primitives invisible.
Colour The colour of the primitives in the current group.
Group The name of the group for the primitives of that colour.