Parents SOP


Procedural version of the polysplit sop.  This sop takes a set of curves as a second input that define where the splits should be made.  It also allows for easy patitioning of cut pieces when the curves are closed. Most of the functionality is the same as the polysplit sop, refer to the polysplit sop help for a good general description of what this sop does.


Input 1 is the polygonal geometry to be split, input 2 is one or more curves. The points on the curves should be snapped to points or edges in the geometry of input 1.


Keep position when parenting Determines what happens when you press the `Do parenting now` button. With this option on the points will maintain their current locations - and is probably the expected behaviour in most situations.  If this option is off the parenting will be done as if the parent was at the origin and then any object level translations will be added to the current point location.
Use capture frame Specify a capture frame to use as opposed to just using the current frame.
Capture frame The actual capture frame to use.
Do parenting now Press this to store the parenting transforms.  The transforms are hidden from the user but need setting by pressing this button.
Number of parents The number of different groups parented to different objects.
Enable parenting Enable or disable the parenting for the following group.
Group The group to be parented.
Group type The type of elements you are parenting.
Parent node # The object to parent the group to.
Reset parenting Remove the stored parenting transforms.