Edge Depth Att SOP


This sop creates an 2 attributes based on the distance each point in the input is from the input group, one is the actual distance and the other is a falloff that is 1 for the points in the input group and 0 at the falloff distance. The distance is measured along the connecting edges. It also creates an output group of all points that lie within "depth" number of edge connections.  Optionally it  can output the edge count rather than the distance.


This sop requires an input geometry with a point group on it that is used as the source group.


Group Input point group to calculate the distance from.
Output group Group of points "depth" distance from the input group.
Depth The number of edges to limit the distance by. ("depth") Also used when edge count only is on.
Falloff distance How far along edges before the falloff attribute is set to 0.
Rolloff A power function applied to the falloff attribute.
Falloff attribute Falloff attribute name.
Dist attrib Distance attribute name.
Edge count onlyOnly count the edges upto "depth" and store the count and not the actual distance.  When this is on the falloff distance is ignored. The falloff attribute still goes from 1 to 0.
Visualise attributeAdd colour attribute to visualise the falloff.